Building Health, Restoring Independence


Our People, Vision and Values

Our People

People are the source of our success and competitive advantage.  Targacept has assembled a dedicated team with years of experience in pharmaceutical development, clinical research and business management.  Diversity is a strength that we value as we strive to create an environment that will attract, retain and motivate the best talent in our industry.  Our leaders foster an atmosphere that focuses on individual strengths and embrace a culture that allows the organization to respond quickly, take appropriate risks, and fully utilize the knowledge and skills of all our employees.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop novel medicines that will build health and restore independence for patients with significant unmet needs.  

Our Values and Aspiration

We want people to be able to reflect on their time with Targacept and say:

  • It was a great place to work
  • We were encouraged to be creative and innovative, to try and fail, but above all to give our best and persevere
  • We were surrounded by respect, integrity and honesty
  • We learned how to harness the power of teamwork while appreciating our individual strengths
  • We were fairly recognized and rewarded for our contributions
  • We always understood how our daily efforts could translate into human benefit
  • We embraced the risk of striving to make people better
  • We succeeded


We are a group of people who have chosen a path that reflects these values. 

"I am motivated to achieve my personal and our collective dreams of developing drugs that can build health and restore independence for patients."

Targacept Careers Overview
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Targacept is a leader in NNRs, with more than 20 years of NNR-focused research and development.